Pictured above is the protoype of the new Collins Mixer-Melter used at Newtecpoly’s R&D facility in Moama NSW.


PolyWaste Intellectual Property Limited owns the intellectual property relating to the PolyWaste Technology™. A related company, PolyWaste Technologies Limited holds exclusive international rights to license the technology, manufacture and make available the Collins Mixer-Melters under license.

The PolyWaste Technology™ is a disruptive technology for the plastics recycling industry.

A key differential between traditional plastic melting technology and PolyWaste Technology™ is that it can recycle a wide variety and combination of contaminated film, semi-rigid and rigid plastics from multiple commercial, industrial, agricultural and/or domestic waste streams into value-added plastic products. Critically, much of the input stock is plastic that would otherwise be destined for landfill, incinerated or otherwise simply disposed of.

The founders of PolyWaste are Ross Collins and Michael Ritchie with fellow shareholders including other industry experts, professional investors, international business development and technology commercialisation experts, patent attorneys, corporate lawyers and finance specialists.

Key Advantages of PolyWaste Technology™

Key advantages of using the PolyWaste Technology™ and the Collins Mixer-Melter include:

  • Deals effectively with low-grade plastics, low-value plastics plastic film and contaminated plastics
  • Broad segregation of the in-feed plastics types is sufficient and, in many cases, may not be required at all
  • Some contamination and soiling on the in-feed plastic can be tolerated, generally eliminating the need to wash the feed stock before melting
  • Flaking, shredding, densifying, pelletising or granulating in-feed materials is not required, saving costs on energy and pre-treatment equipment
  • Baled rigid or film feedstock can be loaded directly into the Collins Mixer-Melter
  • Total energy required to prepare in-feed material, melt the plastics and then extrude product is considerably less than required with conventional recycling technologies
  • Resulting savings are up to 55% of operating costs, dependent on contamination level and type of waste to be recycled
  • A homogeneous melt can be extracted directly from the Collins Mixer-Melter without additional heat or pressure energy

Newtecpoly is the only authorised Australian Re-seller of Collins Mixer-Melters.

Enquiries about licensing of this unique and game-changing plastic melting technology for the recycling of low-grade, low-value plastics including plastic film and contaminated plastics please contact us

Please watch the introductory video from PolyWaste Technology™ that provides additional information and demonstrates the prototype Collins Mixer-Melter in action.

PolyWaste® Mixer Melter (h264 mxrndr) from Business Innovation Group on Vimeo.

For more information about Polywaste Technology, please contact us for a confidential and obligation free discussion

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