Cleaning Up Our Rivers and Oceans

Newtecpoly plans to raise international awareness through investment partnerships and crowd funding options to clean up our rivers and oceans of plastic waste for conversion into value added commercial plastic products.

There are communities throughout the world that are literally choking with plastic waste. Much of this waste makes it way into their river systems which flow into our oceans.

Newtecpoly can consult with government, business and community leaders to establish plastic collections and recycling projects that would create a value for such plastic and thus prevent it from making its way into our oceans. Such projects would create income opportunities and employment for families as well as a much needed industry for the whole community.

Can you imagine a local community cleaning up it’s environment and making it’s own plastic fencing or building materials ?
Taking this vision further, plastic that has found its way into our oceans, and is choking our marine and seabird wildlife, can be harvested and recycled into value added products using PolyWaste Technology™ supplied by Newtecpoly.


Are you interested in making a positive change to the world ?
Contact Us or watch this space to be ready to register your interest with Newtecpoly !

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