Helping Our Rural Communities

Newtecpoly, is currently engaging with rural business leaders and state authorities to develop collection programs for agricultural films.

Whilst Newtecpoly does not aspire to be a registered waste recovery organisation, we can provide the solution for the successful recycling of single use flexible plastic agricultural films such as silage wrap and bulka bags.

These materials, through the nature of their use, contain varying levels of contaminants including soil or other organic matter. Traditional recycling technologies require this matter to be removed in order to be recycled.

PolyWaste Technology™ from Newtecpoly can handle a significant level of contamination which allows for this problematic material to be recycled without the overhead of sorting, washing, drying and shredding before being processed.

Not only can the high volume of waste materials be diverted from landfill, or from being illegally disposed of, they can be used as feedstock for the local production of value added products for rural applications such as posts, bollards and fencing.

Contact Us or watch this space to be ready to register your interest with Newtecpoly !

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