Shipping Pallets and Pallet Wrap

You will see pictured two environmentally unfriendly products from the transport industry, pallet wrap and timber pallets.

Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap is a single use flexible plastic film that cannot currently be recycled via traditional recycling technologies and is therefore destined for landfill …. or worse … illegal disposal
Newtecpoly through it’s access to PolyWaste Technology™ can assist large businesses or waste disposal contractors to convert this plastic resource into commercially viable recycled plastic products.

Shipping Pallets

Shipping pallets are traditionally made from timber, which, as we know, is a finite resource. We believe a much better material from which to make pallets is plastic.

Although the production of shipping pallets from plastic is not a new idea in itself, they are generally made from virgin plastic and are rarely recycled after they have reached the end of their effective life.

Shipping pallets are also often utilised on a hire for use basis, which can prove to be a substantial operational cost for most large business that store or ship their palletised goods.

Newtecpoly plans to raise capital through investment partnerships and potential crowd funding options to manufacture plastic shipping pallets from recycled pallet wrap blended with other flexible plastic waste for conversion into recycled ( and recyclable ) plastic shipping pallets that would be cheaper to own than hire.

Newtecpoly has the desire, expertise and technology to make this project work.

Are you interested in making positive and environmentally sustainable changes to the logistics industry ?

Contact Us or watch this space to be ready to register your interest with Newtecpoly !

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