Plastic Police Partnerships

The Plastic Police® Partnerships program has been developed by Samantha Cross, a waste management professional who is passionate about making positive long term changes to our environment through placing a value on plastic waste that currently goes to landfill or ends up as pollution that eventually finds it way into our waterways and oceans.

The key to long term success and the required paradigm shift is through the education of our children

This new and exciting program has already delivered first class furniture to Biddabah Public School made from the soft plastic wastes collected by the school community since August 2015. 

The program is both educational and extremely engaging for the entire school community, including the extended family of the students.

See more at One of Kind Venture

biddebah plastic waste colection
Plastic waste collected from Biddabah Public School (NSW, Australia)      

biddebah buddy bench
The outdoor bench produced from the Biddabah waste.

A second program is operating in Moama NSW, the hometown of Newtecpoly.

Newtecpoly is delighted to be the technical enabler for Plastic Police Partnerships.

For more information on Plastic Police Partnerships, visit Plastic Police Partnerships

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